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5V ultraviolet/ozone double sterilizing lamp comprehensive sterilizer killing bacteria removable sterilamp


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Double sterilization: ultraviolet + ozone sterilization. Quickly oxidize and decompose bacteria, no residue and secondary pollution, will not cause harm to human body.
Rapid sterilization, high sterilization rate, comprehensive sterilization, odor removal.
Small size and portable, convenient to carry.
Easy to use, it can be adjusted freely.
Oxygen-ion disinfection, can cro-ss the barrier sterilization.
Made of fine quality material, long-lasting to use.
USB port, it can be used 5-8 times on a full charge.
Wide application, can remove ma-sk, towel, shoe cabinet, car, refrigerator, tableware and other items odor and bacteria.

Item type: Sterilamp
Material: ABS
Color: Black, White
Power: 2.5W
Rated voltage:  5V
B-attery capacity: 800mAh
Applicable area: <2㎡


Black, White