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Remember Louis Vuitton's Spring 2017 collection, Nicolas Ghesquiere presented classic phone cases, just has turned Petit Malle Bag into a phone case, which caught people's attention. Without the price, it is indeed a work of art. So gorgeous and luxury!

Actually, there are different knids of phone cases with different print, material or function. And phone cases have changed followed the trend. Whatever its price, just view the lifestyle we live, taking it as our necessary thing, you'll find more interesting, colorful scene, and make your phone be the focus.

If you know of any creative phone cases that belong on this list, then add them, and upvote your favorites too! Next, I have chosen some my favor types of phone cases. Let's begin. 

via trendhunter    marc-jacobs-iphone 
via geekalerts   Camera Phone case
via stikbox    selfie stick
via geekologie    iPhone case with cup holder
via heavy   Cigarette Lighter Cover $ The Bottle Opener
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 via glamzelle
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ins @leminimo.case    faux fur for winter
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