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Chances are good that your go-to look for a night on the town involves at least a little sparkle. The history of sequins and going-out dresses is well-established, but it’s time to give this simple accoutrement its moment in the spotlight—or sunlight, really.

Sequin pieces are everywhere, but not only in the way that you would expect. Many of our favorite bloggers, street style stars, and celebrities are donning the sparkling detail in their everyday looks. Sequins pair just as well with denim and sneakers as they do with heels. 

Styled with the right pieces, sequins look less ’80s prom dress and more of the moment. Try an ensemble that includes structured denim, oversize knits, or other down-to-earth basics that help balance out all that shimmer.

Let's take a look for a fashion-forward feel.

  • Head Roots & Makeup

  • star glitter sequins with grey hair
via tumblr
via tumblr
  •  Bralettes & Socks
via tumblr
  •  Skirts

via glamour
via ins @mikutas
  • Rompers & Jumpsuits

via ins @nastygal
  • Tops

via bloglovin
via weheartit 
  • Dresses

  • mermaid sequin party gown dress
 via tumblr
  • sexy black long sleeve package hip sequin dress
ins @kenzas
  • princess stylish tulle sequined dress
via ins @xeniaoverdose
  •  Pants & Shorts

  • metal sequin leggings
via tumblr
  • Chloé pre-fall-2016 colorblocked sequin pants
via vogue  
  • white basic tee + ripped tassels sequined jeans
via glamradar
  •  Shoes

  • cute sweet color sequined shoes
via tumblr
  • GGDB grey silver sequins shoes
via ins @happilygrey 
  • gold sequined block heel shoes
via tumblr
  • mytheresaxbalenciaga glitter pointed shoes

(cover pic via theglitterguide)

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    Where can I order the Mermaid seqin party gown dress from? Thank u.

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