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Twinkle twinkle little star, how I wonder what you are, up above the world so high, like a diamond in the sky...

When we come into the star, what we fisrtly think is the starry sky. How beautiful the sky is! While we are wearing star pattern clothing, especially the sparkle starry dress, we are full of magic and as though we are in a  fairy world. Star pattern has turned up for years ago. Channel the trend by matching a star piece will add a bit of cutiness.

via tumblr / backstage at elie-saab-spring-2017paris-fashion

How will you rock the star trend? Let's have a look at our collections of the trend.


We have found that mostly fashion bloggers, famous stars love to wear ripped jeans with some personality details, like embroideried roses and flowers, embellished bead. Of course, with star pattern. A basic tee or pure color knit tops pairing a star-studded pants, that'll be chic street outfts.

via ins @carodaur / pure sweater + star pattern ripped jeans + pure high heels


 via somethingnavy / pure sweater + little star embellished jeans

via Pinterest

via tumblr / butt star shaped denim pants at lupsona

 white shirt + hole ripped star print jeans Buy it now + nude high heels

via whowhatwear


Tops with star pattern, whatever the sweater, the T-shirt, the blouse or shirt, must be the point of your whole outfits. They can be cute, be sexy, be cool. These pieces will  show all types as long as you bold to wear.

via ins @xeniaoverdose /  star pattern red knitted tops + hole denim pants + black ankle boots

via Pinterest / a little star pattern sweater + blush pink suede skirt (Blush Pink)

via ins @kristinabazan / mesh star pattern top + leopard fur coat + high boots

via ins @alicezielasko / little star printed with letters + casual pure pants

 via ins @mikutas


via ins @equipmentfr

via ins @lornaluxe

Buy it now - Stars Sheer Short Sleeve Dress T-Shirt

via Pinterest / Blog: Sheer Trend


 via ins @happilygrey

via ins @sincerelyjules / star embroidered Bailey jacket + light blue jeans

via polienne / sequined stars jacket + striped long sleeve shirt

via Pinterest


I'm fond of these beautiful star dresses and skirts. Imagine that you wear a starry dress or skirt, you are star. Star pattern can be availble for every occasion, as it's romantic. 

via alicepoint / Tommy Hilfiger star dress

via Pinterest

via ins @songofstyle / cute little star print dress

via tumblr / little stars moon slip dress

via ins @andicsinger / cute little stars skirt

via Pinterest / Cute Black Star Pattern Long Sleeve Dress

via songofstyle / glitter star dress

via livingly


Are you considering that thses star shoes are artwork? I can't wait to put them on. Paring a simple dress or pure pencil jeans, that's really a perfect combination. With the fishnet becoming more and more popular, star elements patchwork fishnet must be cool. Be lady or neutral style, depends on you.

via ins @charlotte_olympia


via Pinterest / Stars Ankle Boot 

via garancedore / Metallic star boots (metallic trend)

via ins @blackmilkclothing

via Pinterest / double-star - star ankle red boots + star print jeans

via ins @lirika.matoshi / Blog: Catching This Grunge Look Trend: Denim x Fishnet

Buy it now

Introducing some clothing pieces. Lets go to some star-acc and starry beauty, that'll be fantastic.

Choose a choker necklace with little stars matching other necklace ( Choker Trend ), you'll feel the starry magic. Or take them onto your hair, such as star hairpins and headband. Want to be different from usual, try a star shaped sunglasses. And don't forget the hot trend - corset ( Corset Trend ). It also can be star-studded.

via blog.arnhem.co / Lucky stars

via ins @bybrookelle

via ins @limecrimemakeup

via ins @nails_8va

 star choker pink bralette from Lupsona

via Pinterest


via ashleytisdale / simple little stars hairpins


 via Pinterest / silver star crown headband


 via weheartit / cool star sunglasses


 via ins @skadivore / crescent moon & stars belt corset

via Pinterest

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