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There are lots of articals about how to tie a scarf, even with one hundred ways.

Actually, it's enough to wake your closet only to hold one skill, tying it around your neck closely.

Even if we wear basic outfits, when neck tied with bandana or little scarf, we'll be the focus of the world.
Let's view some matching outfits.
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Silk scarf has an inherent sense of superiority. Whatever taking sexy style or cool style, we all hope to be grace.
Different from bandana/little scarf necklet, the way to tie adds a small "tail".
Some hot sexy clothes with this type will bring us gracefully sexy femininity.
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In daily wear, the bandana/little neck scarf can make you keep perfect everytime.
Take bandana or little scarf as necklet, basic one turn into limited one.
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Get the bandana/little scarf

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