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20+ Music Festival Inspired Summer Outfits Wearing Tips/Makeups/Hairstyles Ideas You Need Try Coachella 2017

What's the most intoxicating experience when April comes again? The weather warms up as the festival season. The first focus point turns toward the California desert. This year, Coachella opens at Weekend I- April 14-16, 2017 – Weekend II- April 21-23, 2017. And It's so excited that the headliners for 2017 are Lady Gaga, Radiohead, and Kendrick Lamar. (more info at

Ok, now you have your ticket, vehicle and survival guide.The remaining thing is the vital part to this most stylish and coolest  MUSIC AND ARTS festival----WHAT TO WEARYou are in the right place. This article will be your maximal style guide this year.(3 Rules, 10 Essentials, 4 Trends, 5 Beauty Ieas )

(cover via Pinterest

Step 1. Review The Best Looks Of The Past

    Festival Staples--- Kendall Jenner

    Google Image

    Gigi Hadid via

    Alessandra Ambrosio with her model friends|Google Image

    Song Of Style |  


    Gizele Oliveira | elle 


    Step 2. Find the Essentials of Coachella 

    Coachella style, It gives the sense of free and wide. Actually we can predict its trend because the Boho,Gypsy,Hippie and 90s atmospheres come every year. At first, there are 3 RULES you should follow and we recommend you these classic festival outfits which are never go wrong as your inspiration for coachella travel. (even your summer street style no matter where you live)

             Rule 1: Mini Top + Long Bottom 

     Fiona Zanetti |Pinterest | Shop This Choker & Belt & All-Black

    bralette + bell-bottoms

    via Pinterest | Shop this Bandana & Belly Chain

    crop top + maxi skirt

    via Pinterest 



         Rule 2: Long Top + Mini Bottom


       long sleeve blouse(pick off-the-shoulder)+ mini shorts

      via Google image 
    long shirt + mini shorts
    Rule 3:All Cover-Up
    Paris Hilton|Google image

    Taylor Hill|Google image


    If your reading this,you must have found some common points about coachella style. Let's make a list of these MUST-HAVE items.


           Essential 1:Ethnic Patterns
    tips:Because of the desert area, there is large temperature difference between day and night.
    It's necessary to pack a jacket. |via Pinterest
          Essential 2: Fringe Galore 
        fringe bag is the king piece
    Carrington Durham|Google image

    Danielle Bernstein|instagram


    Essential 3: See-through Pieces
    take your mesh dress

    via Pinterest|Get the similar LACE BODYSUIT

    beach goth look |
           Essential 4: Kimono
    almighty piece--- layered over shorts, a skirt, a dress or even a bathing suit 
    Tim Regas / Tumblr@wheresmydriver


    via mugecakiner 

            Essential 5: Western Belts

             the killer of your festival looks

    via Pinterest | Shop Belts


          Essential 6: Sunglasses
       we all love reflective sunnies




         Essential 7: Bandanna

                     If you don't want to get cough, a fancy bandanna will keep your face from dust effectively. 

    Jasmine Tookes&Taylor Hill |Google Image |Get the same BANDANA 



          Essential 8: Chunky Metallic Jewels

        make the finishing point

    via Pinterest

    via Pinterest

    Essential 9: Flash Tattoos

    Actually it is out for some fashion pioneers . But we still love these shiny things cause it's even eye-dazzling than full sleeve tattoo and with no pain! 


    Boho Golden/Silver Metallic Tattoo Set (3 pcs) from Lupsona

    white tattoo(painting)is the new choice | pinterest

    White Henna Lace Tattoo Set (3pcs)from Lupsona


          Essential 10: Crochet



    Step 3. Bring 2017 New Trends To Coachella     
    1. Band T-shirt

    Band tee is not fresh new for music festival. But it's really big trend this year and remember: Cut It Out. 

    Chanel Iman|



    2. Fishnet 

    hot,hot,and hot🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 It will be the TOP trend of this year. Wear your fishnet to make a modern gypsy look! (Catching This Grunge Look Trend: Denim x Fishnet)

    via Pinterest|Get the amazing fishnet pantyhose

      via Pinterest |Get the same fishnet top

    Fishnet Dress|via Google Image

     via Pinterest

     Fishnet Patch Velvet Halter Crop Top at Lupsona


    3. See-through + Embroidered


     4. Body Chain


    via Pinterest | Shop this Amazing Metal Top 

    bohocave|instagram| Shop this Sparkle Halter Top


    Sparkle Gold Rhinestone Bralette Halter Chain from Lupsona


      Step 4. Beauty Ideas ----- Coachella Makeup/Hairstyle Goals



       Gypsy Warrior Makeup






    Face Jewels Makeup

     It's the new flash tattoo.Remember:the Bigger the better.

    via Pinterest


    via Pinterest

    via Pinterest

    via Pinterest


     Holographic Makeup
    It's coolest for daytime event.The color changing effect is so amazing under the sunshine.




    Double Buns 

    via Pinterest

    via Pinterest

    via Pinterest

    via Pinterest

    via Pinterest


    Gillter Hairs
    combine with your doublue buns

    via Pinterest

     via Pinterest

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    One thought on “20+ Music Festival Inspired Summer Outfits Wearing Tips/Makeups/Hairstyles Ideas You Need Try Coachella 2017

    1. avatar sophia biffi says:

      I love this festival,above all for the style…I’m addicted to boho & boho-chic style…you made the point with this amazing gallery….Make-up and hair style are also very important…everything perfectly match!!!
      My favorit outfits of the previous festival were Kendal Jenner and Chiara Ferragni’s looks!!! Let’s see what they’re gonna wear this year!!!

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