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Another trendy nails come to us today, Metallic.

The hyper-reflective polish is so shiny you basically never need to use your front facing camera to apply lipstick again. Let's rock nails with mirror.

1.combine with a glitter feature


2. pure mirror in different shapes

(Photo: pin from @MakeupBeauty)




3. classic french nails


4.metallic reverse french


5. colorful metallic

(Photo:pin @Maskscara)

(cover photo:popsugar.com)


  • Posted on by Tina

    Why would you show a product and not indicate where it can be bought? Your company must not want to sell your nail polish. So I guess I will try and find another brand of shiny nail polish somewhere else.
    Don’t bother to contact me,
    Thanks anyway….

  • Posted on by Mildred Melanson

    Not sure why my comments posted twice, and it’s actually march 23rd 2017! M.M

  • Posted on by Mildred Melanson

    I would love to buy these nail polishes, I LOVE the Metallic polish! I have registered as a new customer, can you help? M.M

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